In this article, you will learn about Accenture interview process and test pattern of the company

About the Company

Accenture is a US based consultation and service provider and one of the leading IT services companies in India. It is one of the fortune global 500 companies.  In 2016, Fortune magazine crowned it the world’s most admired Information Technology services company.  Accenture prefers hiring in India and has employed 1, 30,000 Indians. The number of Indians employed is predominantly higher than the total number of employees from all other companies.

The company offers a pretty good salary package and extra perks. The company also rewards the employees quite often. The test type is adaptive about which we will be talking in the test description section.

Getting placed in Accenture is easy if you have good problem solving and communication skills. The company doesn’t care about the history of your arrears and this recruitment would be a great opportunity for the last bench master minds.

Accenture Test Pattern - Merittrac 2018 Batch

Section NameTime Duration
(60 Min)
(55 Questions)
Marks / Negative Marks
Verbal Ability20201 / No
Reasoning Ability25201 / No
Attention to Detail15151 / No

Accenture Updated Test Pattern - Aspiring Minds 2018 Batch

Section NameTime Duration
(95 Mins)
(75 Questions)
Verbal Ability2525
Quantitative Ability3525
Reasoning Ability3525

Accenture new test pattern- Cocubes 2018 Batch

Section NameQuestionsTime
(60 minutes)
Quantitative Section16NA
Verbal Section16NA
Reasoning Section16NA

Test Description


The MeritTrac tests have no negative markings. With this pattern, you can skip a question or can opt to answer it later.  The pattern has no questions based on quantitative ability and it is completely based on logical reasoning and verbal ability. The candidate has to manage time well and concentrate on all the sections as this round has sectional cut off.

Aspiring Minds

In the new Accenture – Aspiring minds test pattern slight changes have occurred. The new test pattern has 3 section namely quantitative aptitude, reasoning, verbal. The time for each section is 25 minutes and verbal sections there is three reading comprehension passage which consists of 5 questions each so totally 15 questions are from reading comprehension alone. Quant and reasoning section has common topics like numerical aptitude, Inductive reasoning, Pictographical reasoning etc

You cannot move on to the next question until you have answered the one at hand. The next questions change based on your answer for the previous one. This pattern of changing questions is called adaptive type. For example: If you have given the right answer to the question at hand, the algorithms assume that you are capable of answering a tougher question. Else, the algorithms will get you an easier question. The algorithms analyse your capacity and make the test adapt to it.


In Accenture – Cocubes test, there is no negative marking and no sectional time limit. Switching between sections also not allowed during this test. Questions are from general aptitude topics such as quants, verbal, reasoning.

Note: PlacementSeason advises students to get prior information from their college about which company is outsourcing Accenture interview test among AspiringMinds, Merritrac and Cocubes. Prepare according to the company test pattern and get placed easily. Since the three companies have completely different set of the test pattern.

Since Accenture test is conducted by 3 companies, company specific mock tests will help you to get rehearsal for actual placement test.

Tips by Our Experts

Round 1

  • Divide every section into two and answer the easier questions first in Accenture interview process
  • Attempt all the questions as there are no negative markings.

Expected Sectional Cut-Off

Verbal ability:

12 – 14 marks

Logical Reasoning:

12 – 14 marks

Attention to Detail:

8 –  10 marks

Round 2

Make sure that you speak good English and don’t panic. All you have to do is to let them know that you are capable. If you think you are capable, then tell them you are. Confidence will come along and you won’t have the need to fake it.

It is an adaptive paper and not more than a minute can be spent on a single question. Therefore, the students have to prepare and practice well for the test. What would be a better solution than to practice the mock-placement test papers?

Get ready! All the best! Share your experience!

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