Learn about Aspire Systems Placement Process and tips on cracking the Aspire Systems Recruitment.

About the Company

Aspire Systems is a global technology services company. Founded in 1996 the company is operating successfully with the core philosophy of Attention  Always”.  Aspire systems is one of the companies that care for employee welfare. Headquartered in US, the company is serving as a trusted technology partner for all its customers. Their services include Enterprise Transformation, Product Engineering, Independent Testing Services and IT Infrastructure Support services.

 Time allottedNo. of QuestionsTopics Covered
Aptitude45 Minutes45Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability
Domain Specific MCQ20 Minutes20Domain Specific MCQ
1. Mechanical
2. Electronics
3. Electrical & Instrumentation
4. Aeronautical/Aerostructures
6.Computer Science/IT
Total65 Minutes65

Test Description

To be hired by a company like Aspire Systems is not that easy. You really need practice for Aspire Systems. As mentioned above, Aspire Systems is one of the leading companies that operate in India. Aspire Systems prefer Indian talent and they help employees nurture theirs. Talking about the academic criteria, Aspire Systems employers expect you to have 60% or above in B.Tech, Class X and XII. Also, the educational gap should not more than one year to work with Aspire Systems.

The recruitment process of Aspire Systems has the following rounds:

  • 1st: online MCQs
  • 2nd Technical interview 1
  • 3rd Technical interview 2
  • 4th HR


Despite being a tech company, the company does not feature any technical questions in its first round. It is full of multiple choice questions and you don’t have to worry about programming (just for the first round).

The questions in the first technical interview are basics. Even if you are from a non CS background, the interview quite easy to crack. The questions are like, write a program to develop the:

  1. Fibonacci series
  2. Patterns with numbers
  3. Pattern with repeated odd numbers.
  4. How do you swap two numbers without a third variable?

In the second technical interview, they will ask you questions based on JAVA and JDBC (JAVA DataBase Connectivty, SQL.

Tips by Our Experts

Be confident to answer in the interviews without having to worry about not being very professional at programming. All the companies know that students are not experts. Just prepare the basic and pay more attention to Pattern Development related questions when you prepare for the coding rounds. They just check if you have the basic knowledge to understand the concepts that they will teach you during the training program.

The training program of Aspire systems is called impact training. This is high intensity training where you get an exposure of working 2 years in an MNC in just 2-3 months. This will add a lot of volume to your skill set.

Have a good attitude, be clear about the things that you have already learnt and be open to learn new things.

All the Best!

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