In this article, you will learn about Cisco Placement Process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

Cisco Systems, Inc. (known as Cisco) is an American multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San Jose, California, in the center of Silicon Valley, that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and products.

Cisco is the largest networking company in the world. Cisco was the most valuable company in the world by 2000, with a more than $500 billion market capitalization with the strength of 10000+ employees

Cisco Placement Test Pattern

SectionsTime Allotted (Minutes)No. of QuestionsMarksTopics Covered
Aptitude202020Clocks, Profit and Loss, logical reasoning, series and calendars, probability
Technical403030C coding outputs and error corrections, basic networking questions, digital electronics questions, electronic circuits questions based on forward gain and  OS (operating system)

Test Description

Cisco Systems Interview selection process involves the following rounds.

  • Online Written Test
  • Technical Interview 1
  • Technical Interview 2
  • Hr Interview


Online Written Test:

This round consist of questions from ,Aptitude, Computer science, Electronics, Programming concepts.

The aptitude questions had a good mix of probability, speed and time, clocks, numbers, mixtures, time and work etc in cisco written test.

The C questions will be very conceptual. Unlike other companies, cisco did not have output tracing questions. It have questions on asymptotic complexity, recurrence relations.

In technical section questions from Data Structures[trees, preorder, post, inorder traversals, complexity ofsearch/sort etc] and questions from computer network basics and operating systems.

The questions from Electronics were not so easy to crack for Computer Science students. However, if you brush through basic concepts before exam, it will be relatively easier to even guess the right answer. The questions revolved around logic gates, FET, thermal runaway, voltage-current characteristics of diode and the like.


Note: First section is Compulsory for both Electronics and Computer Science students.

Second section is Optional if you are strong in computer fundamentals you can choose computer science or else you can  choose electronics from the optional paper.

There is sectional time for any particular section but the maximum time limit is one hour for the whole paper.

Tips by Our Experts

  • For clearing aptitude rounds in cisco systems , make sure you have great speed in solving quantitative aptitude. This is what differentiates you from the rest. Maintain time in all your aptitude practice sessions.
  • For clearing C questions, practice dry-running of complex codes, you’ll be able to trace better during the test. Solve as many questions as you can. Make note of the new concepts that you come across every day this will help during last minute revision.
  • Since there is no negative marking, make an intelligent guess and mark all questions even if you aren’t very sure of the answers
  • They look for fundamental skills and logical thinking and strong basics on data structures, c programming, dynamic programming, os concepts and networks for software engineers and networking concepts, electronic and electrical concepts. If you have good programming skill and problem solving skill, it is easy to crack Cisco systems Interview.

All the Best!

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