In this article, you will learn about Dhyan Infotech test pattern and interview process

About the Company

Dhyan is a premier solutions company, providing management software as well as services to companies in the telecom, networking, and smart grid sector. Dhyan is a recognized leader in providing state of the art management solutions. Their goal is to provide the customers an “unfair” competitive advantage by being a “one-stop shop” for their management needs.

 Dhyan takes pride in creating an environment that is nurturing yet challenging and rewarding for their team members. If you are serious about a career, you should consider not only the “what” and “how” of potential jobs but also “why” you would want to work there.

Dhyan Infotech Test Pattern 2018

General Aptitude & Reasoning3030
Technical Section(C,C++)3030

Test Description

Dhyan Infotech interview process comprises 4 rounds.

  • Online Test
  • Technical Interviews
  • Personal Hr

 Round 1 Online Test (60mins) 

 Reasoning portion checks your thinking ability. Make sure that you are aware of all major sections which include Analogy, Blood Relations, Statement & Conclusions, Visual Reasoning, Coding and Decoding, Data Sufficiency.

 Round 2 & 3 Technical Interviews

 Domain Knowledge and problem-solving skills are mandatory. Questions are likely to be from Arrays, Strings, Pattern display, Time and Space complexity.

 Round 4 Personal Hr

 The balls are in your court. It is up to you to make the next step.

Being a programmer is a part of the picture.!! The reasoning is an easy topic to learn but harder to master; Find out how much you can manage the tasks and improvise the same

Tips by Our Experts

  •  Negative marking. Since there is a negative marking, read the questions carefully and answer them appropriately.
  • Don’t use general knowledge. Everything that you need to answer will be included in the passage, so don’t let your general knowledge affect your answer.
  •  First, solve the program then code. Remember only if you crack the first round, you will be able to showcase your programming skills and domain knowledge. Therefore take a frequent test and practice the same.

Best of luck and do not forget to share your feedback.

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