In this article you will learn about Ericsson India’s interview process and the test pattern of the company

About the Company

Ericsson India is one of the leading Multinational Networking and Telecommunication companies with its headquarters at Stockholm, Sweden. Offering quality products and contributing varied services to the field of Telecommunications for over 141 years, Ericsson is a pinnacle, if the fresher is looking for career growth and progress in terms of R&D and Digital Communication. At present, there are over 1 lakh employees and operates in around 180 countries. It is a product based company and it has 42000 granted patents to its credit, in the field of R & D.

This company is known for its services in the field of telecommunications, Networking, Internet protocol networking equipment, wireless communications, Business support, Cable television and so on

Ericsson Test Pattern-2018

Section nameTime durationNo Of Questions
Logical Reasoning1515

Ericsson-Test Description

Ericsson campus recruitment Test pattern mainly consists of three sections:-

1. Quantitative Ability

2. Verbal Ability

3. Logical Reasoning


The level of difficulty of aptitude round is average. The total number of questions is 45 with time duration of 45 minutes.

Quantitative Ability

Time and work, Basic arithmetic, percentage calculation, basic mathematics topics like algebra, geometry are assessed. If students are able to master the fundamental concepts, then there would be no problem.

Verbal Ability

Topics such as Antonyms, code and decode, direct-Indirect, error sorting, sentence rearrangement are focused in case of Verbal Ability. The questions can be a bit tricky.

Logical Reasoning

This section is mainly based on puzzles, syllogism, coding and decoding, seating & circular arrangement, pie charts & tables and blood relations.

“During Aptitude round, Ericsson mainly focuses on the expertise level of a student on fundamental concepts and Grammatical knowledge. The test timing is also limited. So, students need to put extra effort to manage."

Tips by Our Experts

Quantitative Ability

  • Revising the basic mathematics topics is vital. So, grab your fundamental books and revise whatever you have learnt during your schooling. Getting nostalgic? That’s cool!
  • Clearly understanding the concepts is a must before moving on to practising. If you are going to skip this step, then Quants would forever remain a nightmare. So, understand and then practice, not the other way around.
  • Students can create boards or note down the formulas and important points in sheets or flashcards which can be learned and revised daily so that it cannot be easily forgotten.

Verbal Ability

  • One of the easiest methods to improve the verbal ability is to read at least a passage a day and observe the sentence formation.
  • Listening and reading the works of native speakers can provide better exposure. You can also refer to our guide on verbal ability skills at
  • Reading newspapers and referring to dictionary for unknown words will gradually improve one’s vocabulary. Our experts recommend high-quality English newspapers.

Logical Reasoning

  • Though Ericsson did not focus much on reasoning, the topics that are assessed are simpler to solve. Hence they can be given due importance. It also helps in score boosting.
  • Logical Reasoning is less time consuming compared to Quantitative Aptitude. A few shortcuts can be remembered to easily crack them. Note down the short-cuts for future reference on these topics.
  • Logical Reasoning requires plenty of practice compared to Quantitative ability since mind implementation matters a lot here. Do refer to our topics guide on logical reasoning at

All the best and feel free to post your comments and queries !

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