In this article, you will learn about GeometricPLM interview process and test pattern of the company

About the Company

Geometric’s PLM, now a part of HCL helps enterprises seamlessly navigate the shift in PLM strategies and systematically enhance PLM business value at differing maturity levels and evolution. With PLM, one can reduce or eliminate the risk of rising costs, missed market opportunity windows, and quality issues associated with the evolution of your PLM strategy. 

GeometricPLM Test Pattern 2018

Section NameDurationNo of Questions
Aptitude Test5040
Technical MCQ (C++)2025

Test Description

GeometricPLM interview process has 4 rounds

  • Online Aptitude Test
  • Online Technical Test
  •  Technical Interview 
  • Personal HR 

Round 1 & 2 Online Test

Vocabulary– Aspirants can expect questions on phrasing, sentence completion and comprehension of passages and basic grammar usage.

Analytical Ability-This section focuses on data interpretation and logical reasoning. Most of the questions are based on puzzles, blood relations, statements & arguments, coding-decoding, data sufficiency, and pattern recognition.

Quantitative Ability– The questions of this section cover the following topics: algebra, time, speed, and distance, percentages, profit & loss, and probability. This section is moderate with respect to difficulty levels.

Technical Test– This round has questions based on Computer concepts and C language. This section is tough and requires thorough preparation. You need to be strong with the basics of C++ language to get through this section.

Round 3 Technical and Personal HR

  • Prepare the concepts based on your domain. During an interview, the recruiter will ask you to solve programming questions and puzzles. Try to crack the logic and finish the solution.

Equal importance to all the sections can help you clear the online tests

Tips by Our Experts

  • 40 questions in 15 Minutes give you the clue that the questions are going to be easy and it is going to be the game of speed. Since there is no negative marking your strategy should be to attend 35 questions spread across all the sections within 12 minutes with at least 80% accuracy. The remaining 3 minutes can be used to attempt the left out questions from all the sections.
  • If you clear the 1st Round then there is more than 70% chance of getting the Job offer. Hence practice the updated tests from PlacementSeason and increase your chances of clearing GeometricPLM placement test.

Brushing up the things you learn is more important than learning. Getting to work with a Tech giant like GeometricPLM requires a lot of practice.

 But, don’t worry! We have been tracking the changing trends of the test patterns and our team of certified experts has developed mock tests which are similar to the one followed by GeometricPLM.

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