In this article, you will learn about global analytics recruitment process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

Global Analytics Holdings is a leading fintech company with an intense focus on providing alternative and friction-less credit solutions to under-banked customers that do not have adequate access to mainstream banking services. We use world class analytics, software, UX and a deep understanding of our customers to provide a range of compelling financial services products. Our primary market is currently the UK with development and production facilities in Chennai and Delhi, India.

Global Analytics Test Pattern

Section NameTime Duration
No Of QuestionsMarks
Quantitative aptitude201515
Reasoning aptitude201515
Psychometric Test3080N/A

Test Description

Global Analytics Recruitment process has the following round:

  • Written test
  • Algorithm/Pseudocode / Puzzle round
  • Technical Interview
  • Hr Interview

The selection process was a bit long. There were two sets of question papers, one was Objective (Quantitative, Analytical, and Verbal) and the other was subjective (Aptitude).For the shortlisted candidates for interview, there was a psychometric test which has 80 questions.

Algorithm/ Pseudo code round you have to solve a puzzle and to derive an algorithm with a flow chart. In these round students analytical skill sets and problem solving skills are thoroughly tested.

“If you have astute problem-solving skills, then global analytics will feed your mastermind.”

Tips by Our Experts

Start enjoying puzzles rather than doing them for job’s sake. Be very confident in the interview. Keep smiling. and be frank. It means that you stick to your opinions in the HR round.

You should have a quick thinking, good problem, and puzzle solving skills. and a fair knowledge of English grammar. Don’t spend too much time on any question and focus your entire concentration on solving.

Strong knowledge on networking, digital electronics, microprocessors, and microcontrollers are mandatory. They expect us to be very quick in responding

Best of luck and do not forget to share your feedback.

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