About the Company

This Company needs no introduction still, Google is one of the world’s most gigantic companies that creates hardware and software products and services. The services presented by Google include search, advertising, cloud-computing, and software. Right from creating the operating system for lower-end smartphones to manufacturing higher-end phones like pixel, Google has almost become the conqueror of the tech world. Getting a job in Google is not a piece of cake and you really have to spend some time to prepare for the interview.

SectionTime AllottedNo. of QuestionsTopics Covered
Logical Reasoning-10Seating Arrangement
Missing Numbers
General Aptitude010Arithmetic
Prime Numbers
Technical-15C & C++
Data Structure
Computer Networks
General English-5Grammar Usage
Analysis--Website Rating

Test Description

  • Difficulty level: Moderate to Hard
  • No. of questions: 40
  • Duration of the test: 40 minutes

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