In this article, you will learn about Honeywell interview process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

Honeywell International Inc. headquartered in Morris Plains, New Jersey, US is an American multinational company The firm offers services in various sectors including Aerospace and Engineering, Environmental and Energy Solutions, Performance and Technology Services.

Being a part of a prestigious firm, you can make a difference by helping to build a smarter, safer and more sustainable world. Their training sessions and work activities will help aspirants to potentially embark the best time of their career.

Honeywell Test Pattern 2018

Section NameDurationNo of Questions
Aptitude Section3030
Technical Section3035

Test Description

Honeywell interview process includes 4 rounds

  • Written Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interviews
  • Personal HR


Round 1 Written test

  • Carry a whole bag of tricks
  •  Written test mostly comprises of both technical and aptitude sections. It is to check your speed and accuracy in solving questions in the given time.
  •  Questions are mostly from Number system, Profit, and loss, Ages, Percentage and Averages, Trains, Permutations, and Combinations. Practice more on these topics to score better.
  • Be smart..!! Write down all the data you gathered from the question. Understand, analyze the problem, and check for any clues within. Here’s a question from the previous year.

Suppose a man covers a certain distance at x km/hr and an equal distance of y km/hr. Then, the average speed during the whole journey is?

 The question itself says that they cover an equal distance (and, this is your hint!). So, all you have to do is apply the formula (2xy/x+y)km/hr. Replace x and y with real values and complete the question. For more shortcuts check out this link.

Round 2 Group Discussion

  •  Be valiant and grab yourself a handful of current affairs
  • Be a fine-tooth-comb in a group discussion. Remember initiating a group discussion can boost your confidence level and thereby your GD scores.

Round 3 & 4 Technical Interviews and Personal Interview

  • Keep your fingers on the pulse – You will be asked to crack the logic of few familiar questions based on your domain. Take time and solve the question
  •  Get a grip on yourself. Sometimes you will be given puzzles to solve. Be smart enough to act. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer; try suggesting the ways to solve it

Timed practice, Review, Analyze and Repeat

Tips by Our Experts

  • During GD, if you want to express a thought, you can also use real-life examples, experiences, quotes, facts etc. This shows that you know the ins and outs of social life.
  •  In Technical Interview talk about your project work and soft-skills. Make sure you put your thoughts on the table with more clarity so the interviewer might not get an instance to cut through.

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