In this article, you will learn about Infosys recruitment process and test pattern of the company

About the Company

Started in 1981 with a capital of USD 250, Infosys has now become a global leader in technology, consulting and outsourcing solutions. They have a unique approach to ‘help businesses flourish’. This means that they don’t just solve the problems that their clients bring to them but also identify the problems that hinder the growth of enterprises and solve them too. This approach has made them nurture lasting relationships with various organizations. Notoriously, 96.6 % of their revenues come from their existing clients. Today, Infosys has a spreading global presence with around 85 offices and 100 development center across the world.

Infosys Test Pattern

SectionTime Allotted
No. of QuestionsExpected Cut-Off
Mathematical Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning35106-7 Marks
Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking251510-11 Marks
Test of Communicative English354020-22 Marks

Test Description

Infosys conducts placement tests that attribute both technical and aptitude tests. The test has no negative marks, but has sectional cut-offs.


The section focuses mostly on topics like coordinate geometry, area & mensuration, numbers, Permutation & Combination and Probability. A few questions are also based on topics like Time and Work, Speed and Distance. The section includes one to two Cryptarithmetic multiple choice questions. These questions can be time-consuming and a little amount of practice is required.


The section focuses on topics like Data Arrangement, Data Sufficiency, Data Interpretation, Syllogism, Puzzles and, Visual Reasoning and is similar to the older Infosys test pattern.


The Infosys recruitment test emphasizes a lot on the Verbal Ability section. There are totally 40 questions covering the areas of Reading Comprehension ( 2-3 sets consists of 5 questions each), Grammar, Vocabulary and Critical Reasoning with all the topics having 10 Questions each.

Focus on getting 6 Questions right by identifying the easy questions and solving them within 15 Minutes.

Tips by Our Experts

Quantitative Ability

  • Focus on getting 6 Questions right by identifying the easy questions and solving them within 15 Minutes.
  • There are usually 3 or 4 easy to solve problems that can be attempted within 5 minutes.
  • After attempting these, you are left with almost 20 Minutes to attempt the remaining four. Even if you get one question correct, you are likely to clear the expected cut-off.
  • The key to success in this section is to identify those 6 questions which are easier, and solve them quickly.

Reasoning Ability

  • Emphasise on attempting the individual questions first as these questions do not need a common data to be solved and each can take only 2 minutes to solve.
  • However, most of such questions can be solved in less than a minute. Try to solve 9 such questions within the first 15 minutes.
  • The remaining questions include topics like Data Arrangement and Data interpretation. We strongly recommend solving the Data Arrangement questions in the end because there is a high possibility for them to go wrong. Hence, if out of the remaining 10 Minutes, if you get 2 to 3 questions correct, you can clear the expected cut-off with ease.

Verbal Ability

  • Answer the questions based on Sentence Correction, Error Spotting and Vocabulary as you start. Also, try to solve those 20 questions within 15 Minutes.
  • Next, attempt the Reading Comprehension. Don’t read the entire passage, instead read the questions and then try to find the answer from the passage.
  • You can easily answer the direct questions in less than 5 minutes and then move on to attempt the other questions as there are no negative markings.
  • Don’t waste time in interpretation related questions. In case that you get a short passage, it is better to attempt it them at last because the questions can be harder.
  • There are questions based on Critical Reasoning too. Try to attempt 5 to 6 of these in 10 Minutes.
  • If you follow this strategy, you would attempt more than 30 questions in 30 Minutes. If you have the accuracy of 85%, you can easily clear the cut-off and still be left with 5 more minutes to attempt the other questions.

All the Best!

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