In this article, you will learn about IVTL Infoview recruitment process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

IVTL Infoview offer services in multiple domains ranging from Human Resources, Supply chain management, E-Commerce, Finance and Accounting and Business Process Management. This company also specializes in providing IT Consulting Services and developing software products with an experience of 17 years. It was incorporated on 05/10/2000. It is a Chennai based company and is a subsidiary of Works Application Co., Ltd. This company encourages freshers to learn and experience themselves with the new aspects of technology rather than typical IT-based projects. Updating oneself is a must and this company offers a wide range of exposure to its employees, thus guiding the path of future tech leaders.

IVTL Infoview Test pattern-2018

Section nameNo of QuestionsTime duration (In minutes)
Quantitative ability2020
Reasoning ability1010
Technical (JAVA)3030
There are totally 2 sections :-Aptitude(Quantitative, Reasoning) and Technical. The Aptitude sections consists of totally 30 questions with a time duration of 30 minutes. The technical section consists of 30 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes. Totally, there are 60 questions with 1 Hour time limit.

Test Description

IVTL Infoview conducts technical and aptitude tests as a part of their recruitment process. The Aptitude test mainly comprises of Quantitative and Reasoning Ability In case of Technical MCQ, JAVA questions are given.


The section focuses mostly on topics like Selling Price and Cost Price, age difference, number system, Boats and Streams, permutations and combinations, ratio and proportion, time and work and speed and distance.


The section focuses on topics like directions, puzzles and blood relations. According to the 2017 pattern, they do not focus much on reasoning. But the topics that are assessed are easier to solve.

Technical (JAVA) 

The IVTL Infoview mainly concentrates on JAVA Topics and attributes a separate section of technical questions for the same. They are generally on basic concepts of JAVA.

"Practicing Quantitative and Reasoning questions regularly could be of more value to students."

Tips by Our Experts

Quantitative Ability

  • Quantitative aptitude generally demands a lot of practice from the students. So plan accordingly and practice well. Half an hour a day for Quants would prove more than useful.
  • The level of test offered by IVTL Infoview is easy to medium. But Time management must be given preference. You can also practice on the tests offered by and go through the reference materials. It can be the best guide for anyone thriving to enter IVTL Infoview.
  • Students can create Flashcards for remembering the formulas and shortcuts. There are lots of apps available online for storing the flashcards as per your convenience.

Reasoning Ability

  • Reasoning is less time consuming compared to Quantitative Aptitude. A few shortcuts can be remembered to easily crack them.
  • Reasoning requires plenty of practice compared to Quantitative ability since mind implementation matters a lot here.
  • If you get stuck on any question, do move on to the next one and solve the easier ones first.

Technical (JAVA)

  • JAVA can be easily understood if a student is able to grasp the basic concepts.
  • Students can also go through various online courses like Nptel, Sololearn, Udemy for learning the concepts of JAVA.
  • Practicing a program a day would be more useful in case of JAVA.

All the Best!

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