In this article, you will learn about KPMG interview process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

KPMG LLP, the U.S. audit, tax, and advisory services firm, operates from 90 offices with more than 26,000 employees and partners throughout the U.S. The company purpose is to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of their clients, their people, and the capital markets.

KPMG delivers a globally consistent set of multidisciplinary services based on deep industry knowledge. The industry focus helps KPMG professionals develop a rich understanding of clients’ businesses and the insight, skills, and resources required to address industry-specific issues and opportunities.

KPMG Updated test Pattern

Section NameTime DurationNo Of QuestionsMarks
Numerical Ability242020
Verbal Ability402020

Test Description

The KPMG company conducts recruitment process every year to select new candidates. The selection process of the company consists of 4 rounds. These rounds are as follows:

  • Written Exam
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Numerical ability:

The numerical ability section of KPMG placement papers will check your mathematical and analytical skills. You will have to solve 24 questions in 20 minutes. As time provided is very limited, the level of questions in KPMG Aptitude Test will be moderate. You will find questions from various topics like DI, Algebra, Graphs, Geometry, and Probability. There is also a chance that you may get some questions in the form of sets.

Verbal ability:

The Verbal ability section of KPMG placement papers will check your grammar and comprehension skills. You will find questions from various topics like Spotting Error, RC Passage, Idioms, Synonyms & Antonyms, Fill in the blanks etc.

“KPMG is considered as BIG 4 companies in management by Forbes, Since it is an management company your attitude prevails 50% to crack this interview with expert communication skill set.”

Tips by Our Experts

Your key strategy in KPMG numerical ability paper should be to analyze and solve these numerical ability questions with full-on focus and concentration.

You will have to solve 40 questions in 20 minutes in verbal ability test. As time provided is quite less, the level of questions in KPMG verbal ability Test is not very high.

Time management is the real task while attending KPMG interview so be prepared and practice company specific mock tests

All the Best!

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