In this article you will learn about Multicoreware Placement Process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

MulticoreWare Inc is a software development company. Founded in 2009 Multicoreware now has its offices in 3 countries viz USA, China and India. The company is headquartered in California and employs about 250 people. The company is now offering products and services related video compression, machine learning, compilers for Heterogeneous Computing, and software performance optimization. They have a list of gigantic customers that include AMD, ARM, Microsoft, Google, Telestream and Bright Technologies.

Multicoreware Online Test Pattern

 Time AllottedNo. of QuestionsTopics Covered
Aptitude20Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, percentages, probability, time, speed & distance , profit or loss, data arrangements and interpretation, Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Coding and Decoding, Linear Arrangement, Odd Man Out
Technical10Basic programming, OOPS concepts, memory based questions.
Total45 Minutes30

Test Description

The recruitment process of Multicoreware has the following rounds:

  • 1st: online MCQs
  • 2nd – Written coding round (2 coding questions in 90 minutes)
  • 3rd – Technical interview 1
  • 4th – Technical interview 2
  • 5th – HR ( Face to face or telephonic)

The questions for the written test focuses in both aptitude and coding so, the candidates must make sure that they are good at least in the basics. The shortlisted candidates appear for the second round where they are prompted to solve two programming questions in 90 minutes.

Once the candidates clear the second round, they will have to attend two technical interviews and an HR interview.

We recommend you to pay more attention to the questions based on cache memory.

Tips by Our Experts

The questions asked in the technical interviews are mostly based on the following concepts:

  • Memory capacity of caches
  • Image and video processing concepts in C and C++
  • OOPS concepts
  • Strings

We recommend you to pay more attention to the questions based on cache memory.

Machine learning is the brick of the automated world. Apple’s Siri and the Google assistant are the examples of machine learning software. Recently, Apple has bought a Hyderabad based start-up called Tuple Jump just because it had a team of experts who were good at machine learning. This is an apparent proof of how much scope machine learning has.

The advantages of working in Multicoreware include:

  • No work shifts
  • Leadership for everyone
  • Opportunity to work with highly advanced projects

So, getting placed in a company like Multicoreware will definitely be a milestone in your career. Manage time properly, get practiced and get placed in Multicoreware.

All the Best!

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