In this article, you will learn about NetApp India recruitment process and the test pattern of the company

About the Company

This multinational data storage and management company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is one of the dream companies of any fresher. With an expertise in the field since 1992, it has been one among the fortune 500 companies since 2012. In 2009, NetApp won second place in market capitalization in its industry, only a step behind EMC Corporation and the other prominent companies in the list behind Netapp are Seagate Technology, Western Digital, Brocade, Imation, and Quantum. In the network storage industry “Big 5’s list”, Netapp stands second and is ahead of IBM, HP and Hitachi. 

NetApp India Test pattern-2018

Section nameTime durationNo of questions
Quantitative Analysis10N/A
Data structures and Algorithm15N/A
C and JAVA Programming15N/A

Test Description

The written test has a total of 50 MCQs- 10 Questions from Quantitative ability; 15 from Data structures and algorithms; 15 from C and JAVA Programming; 10 from Operating Systems section. The total time duration is 60 minutes. There is no negative marking.

Quantitative Ability   

10 Questions are given in terms of Quants. The main focus is given on Time and Work, HCF and LCM, Compound interest, Percentage, Speed and Distance, Age, Partnerships and Profit & loss. Students will not have to strain much in case of Quantitative aptitude since it occupies only a small part of the test.

Data Structures and Algorithm

Students have to solve about 15 questions from Data structures and Algorithm. The questions asked are of average level and if you are comfortable with the basics, then this test is for you to crack.

C and JAVA Programming

15 MCQ Questions are given while assessing a student’s programming skill. The main domain that is validated is C and JAVA Programming. The question level is average.

Operating Systems

Since the company is based on Data storage and management, a student’s knowledge of OS is also assessed. They provide 10 questions to students to solve. If you are not familiar with Operating Systems, do start preparing in advance.

"Operating Systems(OS) is a wide area and hence focus has to be given constantly on the same"

Tips by Our Experts


Figure out which are the topics you are comfortable with. Practice on that well and after gaining some confidence, move on to tougher ones.

For complicated calculations, there are specific short-cuts which is one of the main aspects of Vedic mathematics. So grasp those shortcuts and solve those calculations in just a step or two!

Do check out our Quantitative aptitude guide on different topics and ace it out! Here is the link:-

Data Structures and Algorithm

There are specific books and materials which can explain the concepts clearly. Do refer to them.

By mastering the fundamental concepts of data structures like mathematics, computer architecture, Boolean algebra and digital logic design, students can feel vivid and answer the questions exactly right.

C and JAVA Programming

Programming cannot be mastered by just skimming or reading or learning. One can only learn from the codes they type on the compiler screen, mistakes they make and working until the output has arrived successfully.

Sometimes, Students may find the questions tricky. In that case, Relax. Recall the rules and concepts calmly. Read the question as many times till you find it clear. Also, do not waste your time on harder ones. Just move on and calmly answer the questions once you have attended the other questions.

Operating Systems

It is a far and wide area. So start climbing the ladder by starting on with fundamental concepts.

Practical analysis can help students master this section.

All the Best!

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