In this article, you will learn about Payoda placement process and the test  pattern   of the company.

About the Company

Payoda Technologies is a Digital Transformation partner to Healthcare, Retail, Textiles and Manufacturing Industries. A leader in technology solutions and services, Payoda works with global businesses enabling them to be efficient, focused and innovative. With our expertise in End User Research, Human Cantered Design, Product Design, Product Engineering and Analytics, we use cutting-edge methodologies to transform your business. Partner with us to address diverse customer needs and to deliver scalable solutions.

Specialties: Application Development & Maintenance, Big Data, Analytics & Cloud Solutions, UI & UX Services, Digital Marketing & Analytics, Network Infrastructure Management Solutions, Strategy and Technology Consulting, System Integration services, Artificial Intelligence.

Payoda Test Pattern

Section NameTime DurationNo Of QuestionsMarks
Topics Covered
Scenario Based Aptitude
N/A201Numbers, ages, profit and loss, series and calendars, probability, logical reasoning, flowcharts
TechnicalN/A201Programming concepts, computer science, etc
ProgrammingN/A3Array, string, numbers pseudo code or logical algorithm, data structures, java, c++

Test Description

Payoda Interview selection process involves the following rounds.

  • Online Written Test
  1. Aptitude, Reasoning test
  2. Program test
  • Group discussion
  • Technical Interview- I
  • Technical Interview-II
  • Hr Interview

Written test:

Payoda written test is not like any companies tests they follow different pattern of scenario based aptitude test in which it consists of  flowchart questions, logical reasoning dealt with some situations etc

Programming test:

In program test, you have to write logic algorithm or pseudo code for 3 questions and then there are sometimes questions from pointers, strings, arrays and also some java questions.

If you love to code always and seeking for a fun loving working environment with bundle of energetic people then payoda is for you!

Tips by Our Experts

  • During programming round, you will get questions to create test cases for the given scenario and you can use any programming language like c, c++, java on this round.
  • Research on the products and its domain before attending the interview was proven helpful during the technical rounds.
  • Payoda will provide you quick results and they are very transparent providing positive and negative of yours at the end of the interview.
  • Be thorough enough with your basics and  develop your problem solving skills, the presence of mind during the interview will help you to crack Payoda.

All the Best!

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