In this article you will learn about Paypal Placement Process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

PayPal Holdings, Inc. (commonly known as PayPal)  is an American firm that operates a worldwide online payments system. Having eBay as its parent company, the company employs around 19,00 people and has a revenue of 10.84 billion USD.  The company supports online money transfers replacing the traditional paper methods like checks and money orders. The company was founded in 1998 in California.

Paypal Online Test Pattern

 Time AllottedNo. of QuestionsTopics Covered
Quants20Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, percentages, probability, time, speed & distance , profit or loss, data arrangements and interpretation, Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Coding and Decoding, Linear Arrangement, Odd Man Out
Programming1Functional programming. C, C++, DBMS and Java.
Total30 Minutes21

Test Description

The recruitment process of PayPal has the following rounds:

  • 1st: online MCQs and Coding
  • 2nd: technical interview 1
  • 3rd: technical interview 2
  • 4th: Managerial round and HR

The online MCQs are based on the basic programming concepts and aptitude. It is pretty easier to clear this round. There is just one programming question which you can clear if you are familiar with the basics of C and C++.

There are totally two technical interviews conducted:

  • The Face to face type
  • The problem solving type.

Having cleared these rounds you will have to appear for the HR round here you will be assessed based on your personality.

The technical interviews are a little complicated and are totally based on the details you fill in the resume.

Tips by Our Experts

The technical interviews are a little complicated and are totally based on the details you fill n the resume, so remember to be genuine while putting the details on your resume. Here is a list of sample questions asked in the PayPal interview:

  • Detect loop n a linked list and remove it.
  • Distinguish between hash table and hash map.
  • What are threads?

The HR round is pretty easy to get through. They as you simple questions like “Why do you want to work with PayPal?” and questions as such. The Technical interviews are the toughest to crack and once you are done with them, you can be 95% confident that you are in.

Talking about the job, There is nobody in India that uses smartphones and don’t know about online payments. Especially after the demonetisation drive the e-payments industry has taken a gigantic growth. In fact many smart phones come with the PayPal software inbuilt. So, getting placed in PayPal will ensure job security and you don’t have to worry about downsizing.

Get practiced and get placed in PayPal.

All the Best!

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