About the Company

Polaris Consulting & Services Limited, formerly Polaris FT, is a provider of financial technology products, legacy modernization services and consulting for core banking, corporate banking, wealth & asset management and insurance.VirtusaPolaris is the market facing brand of Virtusa Corporation and Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. Polaris has its origins in Nucleus Software. Polaris Consulting & Services Limited was incorporated in 1993 by Mr.Ravi Dehariya (Jabalpur Dist). It was one of the first vendors that Citi Group chose to partner with, when it entered India.Polaris is headquartered in Chennai and has offices around the world.

Test Pattern

Section NameTime Duration
(75 min)
(50 Questions)
Marks/Negative Marks
Quantitative AbilityNA251/NO

Test Description

Polaris conducts placement tests to recruit freshers to work in various roles in the company’s premises. Similar to other placement tests, the recruitment process of Polaris also begins with a written test.It contains two sections namely Quantitative Ability with Reasoning, and the Technical section, each holding 25 marks. Hence the paper is small with a total of 50 marks and a timeline of 75 minutes.

Aptitude section consists of questions based on data interpretation, graphs, blood  relations, and statement reasoning. Besides,  there are questions from basic mathematics including time, speed & distance, algebra, permutation & combination, and arithmetic. Further, there are questions from English language like grammar usage, and fill in the blanks.

Special preparation should be done on the technical section which can be difficult

Tips by Our Expert

As seen above, there are two sections carrying 25 marks each, which have to be completed within 75 minutes. The weightage is equal for each section, so there is not much advantage of choosing one over another. However, the paper is between moderate and difficult. It is strongly recommended that  you buy our placement-practice test package to be be confident.

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