In this article, you will learn about Rolta interview process and the test pattern of the company

About the Company

Headquartered in Mumbai, Rolta is an Indian multinational organization that provides comprehensive knowledge-based IT solutions and services in the areas of Geospatial, GIS, and Communications Technology to global markets.

Rolta believes in offering much more than a job. They help you in exploiting different industrial verticals; practice and engage you with the latest technologies. Remember, the only roadmap to success is all your determination and persistence.

Rolta Test Pattern 2018

Section NameDurationNo of Questions
Aptitude and Technical Java MCQWill be updated soonWill be updated soon
Paper Based Programming Test1hour3

Test Description

Rolta interview process comprises 4 rounds

  • Written Test
  • Programming Round
  • Technical Interviews
  • Personal HR

Round 1 & 2 Written Test and Programming Tests

The written test will have aptitude question that is a piece of cake to accomplish. Just brush up the basic topics and concentrate more on the technical section.  Prepare and focus on the following concepts and score better.

  •  OOPS Concepts
  •  Abstract Classes and Interfaces 
  • Constructors
  •  Overloading and Overriding
  •  File IO and Serialization
  •  Collections – List, Map, Set – Search, Sorting Algorithms
  •  Multi-Threading and Synchronization

Round 3 Technical Interviews

  • There might be a chance of multiple technical interviews to shortlist the candidates based on the available offers. Prior preparation for technical section helps you gain more confidence during the interview process
  • The recruiters look for logical thinking and strong basics of data structures, C programming, dynamic programming, OS concepts and networks for software engineers and networking concepts, electronic and electrical concepts
  • For more tricks, Do’s and Don’ts during interview process click here.

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Tips by Our Experts

  • There is no truth, there is only the perception. So be precise while answering.
  •  Get ready to explain your project works and your soft-skills without any flaws.
  •  If you have a sound knowledge of the above-mentioned concepts you can find a place at Rolta, but to show them that you can code you have to clear the first round. This is possible only if, you get some practice.

Do not miss the opportunity to add Rolta on your profile just because you didn’t practice enough. If you want to practice more, we recommend to use Free Placement Series launched exclusively for all the placement needs of pre-final year and final year students.

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