In this article, you will learn about Sify Technologies interview process and test pattern of the company

About the Company

Sify Technologies is one of the largest integrated ICT Solutions and Services companies in India, which offers service in the field of common telecom and data network across all Metro cities in India. The company is built with full of passion which invigorates the employees to adopt high standards of professionalism.

Sify Technologies conduct employee engagement programs including Communication talks, Press-meet, Conferences and Fun events. Every employee is provided with an opportunity to present their views which helps in career growth of an individual, enhancing the employee-employer relationship.


Sify Technologies Test Pattern 2018

Section NameDurationNo of Questions
Aptitude and Technical Section6050

Test Description

Sify Technologies interview process includes 3rounds

  • Online Test
  • Technical Interview
  • Personal HR

Round 1 Online Test

  •  In an online test, the questions are from Data Structures and Networks. The questions are like debugging the given code snippet for certain logic, finding output in the technical section and in numerical aptitude questions. Prior practice and preparation are recommended.

 Round 2 Technical Interview

  •  Technical Interview is to evaluate how strong you are in your domain. Get to know the latest advances in technology and other happenings in your technical domain to give an edge over your competitors.
  • Good programming practice makes it easy to understand other people’s code. So try to have a simple logic and solve questions.
  •  Software domain based aspirants should focus more on Data Structures, Programming in C and C++, Design Analysis and Algorithms, XML, DBMS, and SQL Queries.
  • An Electronic domain based aspirant should focus on EC & ED, Digital Signal Processing, Embedded Systems and Microprocessors, VLSI, Communication and control systems.

Realize the fact that you can't master data structures until your working with domain-specific problems

Tips by Our Experts

  • When preparing for a technical interview, you should review basic structures (linked lists, binary trees, heaps) and algorithms (searching, sorting, hashing). Mastering these topics will give you the necessary knowledge to tackle the problems you may encounter during the technical interview.
  • Make your profile unique. Sify Technologies looks for an innovator in you.
  •  Keep your answers short and simple. Human Resource managers may ask tricky HR interview questions to save time and try to figure out what kind of employee you really are.

Best of luck and do not forget to share your feedback.

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