In this article you will learn about Syntel Placement Process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

Syntel, Inc. is a U.S. based multinational company that provides integrated technology and business services. Headquartered in Michigan, the company utilizes development centers in India. Syntel is a minority-owned business (MBE). The company is led by President Rakesh Khanna, who was appointed in November 2016. Syntel was founded in Michigan in 1980 with an initial investment of $2,000 and today it employs about 23,000 people around the globe.

Syntel Placement Test Process

 Time AllottedNo. of QuestionsTopics Covered
Aptitude90Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, percentages, probability, time, speed & distance , profit or loss, data arrangements and interpretation, Critical Reasoning, Data Sufficiency, Coding and Decoding, Linear Arrangement, Odd Man Out
Total90 Minutes90

Test Description

The recruitment process of Syntel has the following rounds:

  • 1st: online MCQs
  • 2nd: Group discussion
  • 3rd: technical interview 1
  • 4th: Managerial round and HR

The questions for the written test and coding are moderate in terms of difficulty levels and it is easy to get through the test if you have some practice.

When it comes to the group discussion, keep things to the point.  Don’t try to be offensive over someone to gain attention. This will make you look like a bad person. Say the relevant things at the right time also don’t be afraid to express your views on the issue.

The technical interview is based on the basic questions of the department you belong to. They will be mostly based on the things you have mentioned in your resume. Sometimes they just tell you to write and explain programs based on strings and arrays. You can also expect questions from OS.

Questions on OS is more important for Syntel Recruitment Process.

Tips by Our Experts

The Syntel tests have no programming or technical questions in the first round. Which means you can crack the tests easily if you are strong in aptitude. You might prepare using tons of study material but your preparations will go waste if you don’t practice properly. The major problem students have in this round is making silly mistakes that can be avoided only when you practice. Practice a lot of old questions from the previous year question papers or practice using the company specific mock tests.

Get practiced and get placed in Syntel.

All the Best!

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