About the Company

Tech Mahindra Limited is an Indian multinational provider of information technology (IT), networking technology solutions and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to the telecommunications industry. JC Mahindra is the founder of Tech Mahindra, which is headquartered at Pune , India. Tech Mahindra represents the connected world, offering innovative and customer-centric information technology services and solutions, enabling Enterprises, Associates and the Society to Rise. It is a USD 2.7 billion company with 83,000 professionals across 49 countries, helping over 560 global customers including Fortune 500 companies. The Consulting, Enterprise and Telecom solutions, platforms and reusable assets connect across a number of technologies to derive tangible business value.

Test Pattern

Section NameTime Duration( 50 min)Questions(75 Questions)Marks/Negative Marks
English Language General 1NA101/No
English Language General 2
English Language ComprehensionNA51/No
Verbal Reasoning GeneralNA211/No
Verbal Reasoning ParagraphNA31/No
Non-Verbal ReasoningNA51/No

Test Description

The hiring process of Tech Mahindra has changed this year (for 2017 batch) with the change in the aptitude test pattern. Also this time they have an additional round of story writing based on image, it has rounds as follows

1st Round – Aptitude test

2nd Round – Story Writing based on image- 200 words-15 min.

3rd Round – Technical Interview

4th Round – HR Interview

Candidates are asked to answer 75 questions which analyze their verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning skills in round 1. Together, these questions give us an accurate and reliable assessment of each candidate’s overall level of cognitive ability. Although there is no sectional time limit, the scores for all the sections are calculated separately and those students who clear the cut-off in all the sections are shortlisted for the next round. Hence concentrate equally on all the sections.

PlacementSeason Expected Cut-off to get shortlisted for the next round – 50% in all the sections

Tips by Our Experts

75 questions in 50 Minutes this itself should give you the clue that the questions are going to be easy and it is going to be the game of speed. Since there is no negative marking your strategy should be to attend 50 questions spread across all the sections within 45 minutes with at least 80% accuracy. The remaining 5 minutes can be used to just attempt the left out questions from all the sections.

If you clear the 1st Round then there is more than 70% chance of getting the Job offer. Hence practice the updated tests from PlacementSeason and increase your chances of clearing Tech Mahindra’s placement test.

All the Best

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