In this article, you will learn about Unisys recruitment process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

Unisys India was established in the year 2004, aiming to help their clients transform their business through strategic consulting, insightful leadership, and innovative technology solutions. This company has seen a significant growth in headcount, infrastructure, and capabilities. Today, Unisys India has established themselves as a strategic global leader. They also stand high with five state-of-the-art facilities, including three in Bengaluru and two in Hyderabad, supporting Unisys’ products and solutions worldwide. With 5,000 capable and professional employees, the Fresher would be able to learn the business processes, development and consulting and thus gain great work experience.

Unisys Test pattern-2018

Section nameNo of QuestionsTime duration (In minutes)

Test Description

There are a total of 90 questions with a total duration of 90 minutes. The areas that are involved are:-
Programming-General, Output related
Data structures and Algorithms, OS, DBMS, Dot net, and networking.


25 Questions are given for students to track and crack in case of programming based general questions. The questions are moderate in terms of difficulty level.

There are 15 questions in this section. Students can look on to previous year questions to get an idea on the questions asked and practice on to feel confident.

Aptitude-Quantitative, Probability, TSD, General mathematics:-

About 25 questions are given in the Aptitude that covers a wide range of topics like number series, probability, Odd number out, Speed and distance, and seating arrangement.

As far as the other section is concerned, 25 questions from the below topics are given:-
Data structures and Algorithms
Dot net
DBMS and networking

“Before answering any question, think twice.”

Tips by Our Experts


1. Students must first concentrate on fundamentals of C. Thus C++ and JAVA would become easier, since they both are derived from C programming.
2. To solve output based questions, students must be well versed in basic concepts.


1. Mathematics is the basis of quantitative ability test. So sharpen your fundamentals to come out with flying colors in the quantitative test.

2. Prepare proper notes and reference materials and follow up with them regularly.

Data Structures

1. Learning data structures and algorithm is simple if one is able to grasp the concepts. Refer to plenty of tutorials for the same.

Operating Systems

1. Since it is a huge area, students have to start from the basics. Refer books like Operating Systems(2003).


1. Networking is an easier area for students involved in programming. There are various protocols in networking and try to figure out which are all your cup of tea. For example, you may find routing protocol easier compared to IPv4 and IPv6. So be strong in at least the fundamentals of one networking protocol.


1. This framework becomes easier if you are able to expertise yourself in basic programming skills and have fundamental knowledge in C, C++, and JAVA.Students can refer to various video portals and try to install visual studio to get a real-time experience in coding this language.

All the Best!

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