In this article, you will learn about VirtusaPolaris recruitment process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

VirtusaPolaris finds its place among the Global 2000 companies and offers services in Banking & Financial services, Information technology, Media, Telecommunications, and Education. Virtusa Corporation was founded in 1996 and its headquarters is situated at Westborough, Massachusetts, US. As of March 2016, Virtusa Corporation took over Polaris Consulting & Services Limited. 
With wide business and industry knowledge, VirtusaPolaris is able to fast-track the business outcome which adds to customer satisfaction invariantly. They mainly focus on software engineering, programming, agile software development and solving core business issues of their customers. The tech giant has its branches widespread across the world.

Virtusa Polaris Test Pattern-2018

Section nameNo of questionsTime duration(Minutes)
Quantitative ability1020
Verbal ability1010
The test pattern of VirtusaPolaris consists of Quantitative aptitude, verbal ability test and technical round. The Quantitative aptitude consists of 10 questions with a time duration of 20 minutes; Verbal consists of 10 questions with 10 questions with a total time period of 10 minutes; Technical round consists of 20 questions with a time limit of 30 minutes.

Test Description

VirtusaPolaris campus recruitment mainly consists of 3 rounds:-

1. Aptitude Round

2. Technical Round

3. HR Round

In some colleges, only Technical questions were evaluated. Aptitude questions were not assessed and the test pattern for first round may vary in terms of Technical and Aptitude questions. But there can be no change in the technical topics that were focused during the recruitment process. The technical questions are in majority and there is a separate section allocated for it in the first round.

The Aptitude round focuses on only Quantitative and Verbal ability of students.


The section focuses mostly on topics like Selling Price and Cost Price, Age difference, Number system, Boats and Streams, Permutations and Combinations, Ratio and Proportion, Time and Work and Speed and Distance.


Topics such as Antonyms, Spellings, and ordering of words comprehension, change of voice are focused in case of Verbal Ability. Questions are simpler and score can be easily boosted up using this area.


VirtusaPolaris mainly concentrates on JAVA, DBMS, Software Engineering and UML. The question level is easy and a student would be able to crack it if he/she has the basic knowledge of the topics mentioned above.

“For aptitude, students must look on on their comfort zone first and then move on to the tougher ones next, while practicing.”

Tips by Our Experts

Quantitative Ability

  • The level of test offered by VirtusaPolaris is easy to medium. But to solve them within the given span of time, students need to practice a lot.
  • Half-an-hour a day for Quants would prove more useful.
  • Students can create Flashcards for remembering the formulas and shortcuts.

Verbal Ability

  • The verbal questions can be answered correctly if a student is an expert in the basic grammar.
  • Reading books and observing the sentence pattern can help students familiarize with the language.
  • The test pattern contains only minimal questions in the Verbal section. So with little practice, students will be able to crack the test.


  • JAVA, DBMS, and UML can be easily understood if a student is able to grasp the basic concepts.
  • Students can also go through various online courses if they wish to develop their technical knowledge.
  • Practicing a program a day and trying out easy to do, DIY Projects would be more useful for students looking for expertise in the topics given.

All the Best!

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