In this article, you will find about VISUAL BI SOLUTIONS test pattern and the interview process.

About the Company

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, Visual BI Solutions is one of the leading and fastest growing firms focusing exclusively on Business Intelligence & Analytics. Visual Bi solutions provide a range of offerings include BI Products, Analytic Solutions, and Consulting Services. Some of the world’s trusted brands rely on their expertise to drive BI adoption and to deliver actionable insights to their decision-makers and executives.

Online testLogical Reasoning
Basic Computer Science

Test Description

Visual Bi solution placement process includes the followings rounds of assessments,

  • Online test
  • Programming
  • Interview


Online Test:

The test consists of 50 questions assessing on Logical reasoning and basics of Computer science. The duration of the test is 55 minutes. The test follows COCUBES test pattern.

  • Logical reasoning has questions from the topics Number series, Analogies, Letter and symbol series, Statement and assumptions, Logical deduction, Logical programs.
  • Computer Science questions are from Data structures, Computer architecture, Software engineering, Computer graphics, Computer networking, Business analytics, etc.



  • Practice codings for different logics, Visual Bi Solution searches for the best programmer to work with.
  • The test has two questions, a programming question, and a logical question.
  • The programming question tests for the coding proficiency in C programming language. Programming is the functional work in Visual bi solutions.



Focus on the final year project, field of interest, logical reasoning, and programming to ace this round.

Examples of Questions asked in the recent recruitment process:

  • Programming to add without using arithmetic operators.
  • GCD or LCM of the given numbers.
  • Find the next term of the series, 22, 21, 23, 22, 24, 23, …

Coding proficiency, Logical thinking, Ability to look out of the box, Reasoning capability are checked in the process.

Tips by Our Experts

  1. Practice a lot of logical reasoning questions, Visual  BI comes with a new set of questions every time. Mentally be calm while taking the test, this helps in understanding the logic in the questions.
  2. Practice codings for different logics, Visual Bi Solution searches for the best programmer to work with.

All the Best!

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