In this article, you will learn about Vuram placement process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

Vuram is an innovative initiative in providing top class technology services to companies across the globe. They specialize in providing process consulting services to companies looking to optimize their operating efficiency and streamline their operations. Their services include analysis, design and implementation of software solutions using various process tools (modelling , simulation and execution) to help companies achieve better productivity, higher efficiency and most importantly provide their employees with the right tools to get their job done better.

Specialties: Business Process Management, Process Application Development, Modeling and Simulation

Vuram Technologies Test Pattern

Section NameTime DurationNo Of QuestionsMarks
Topics Covered
Aptitude and verbalN/A401Numbers, ages, profit and loss, logical reasoning, series and calendars, probability, Synonyms, antonyms, sentence correction, error spotting etc
TechnicalN/A101Programming concepts, computer science, electrical circuit designs simulation concepts etc
ProgrammingN/A220Array,string, numbers pseudocode or logical algorithm.
EssayN/A15General topics, current affairs etc

Test Description

Vuram Interview selection process involves the following rounds.

  • Online Written Test
  1. Aptitude, Verbal test
  2. Program test
  3. Essay writing round
  • Technical Interview
  • Hr Interview

Written test:

Quant section consists of  questions from general aptitude topics like Boats & Streams – Time, Speed & Distance –  Time & Work -Percentage – Probability – Ratio & Proportion – Clocks

Verbal Reasoning section consists of question from topics  like Reading comprehension – Sentence correction Critical Reasoning-Vocabulary-Sentence Completion-Articles-Voice-Synonym- Antonym

In program test, You have to write logic algorithm or pseudo code for 2 questions (everyone around  you will have different questions it includes very basic logics related to strings, data structures )

Essay writing consists of topics related to current affairs, general topics etc in that you are tested grammar, English language, topic relevancy, creativity etc.

In the technical interview, 5 panels are there. If you really satisfy the first hr requirement, you can directly go into last round. Otherwise, you should clear each round.

Tips by Our Experts

  • The placement tests conducted by Vuram are of the moderate difficult level, with equal importance given to each section. Students have to attend both the section, but can work in any order that is comfortable to them.


  • PlacementSeason provides the student an exclusive Essay Writing tool it has important and repeat essay questions asked in companies. This tool automatically evaluates the essay written by you and checks the spelling, grammar, and relevance of the essay. You can learn and understand the mistakes committed and review your answers.It is useful when you are writing Vuram essay writing test.


  • Overall the level of the paper is moderate to difficult. Only those candidates who clear the written exam will qualify for the next round.

All the Best!

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