In this article, you will learn about VVDN Technologies Interview process and the test pattern of the company.

About the Company

VVDN is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company Indian company and is headquartered at Gurgaon. It provides services in broad Spectrum of embedded design services and ODM capabilities of Networking, Wireless, IOT and Cameras. They are involved in developing products such as servers, GPS tracker, IOT Community boards etc. They were recognized by SiliconIndia as the best embedded company of the year 2016. It is one of the potential companies through which freshers can learn more and gain great work experience.

VVDN Technologies

Section NameTime Duration
No Of Questions
Quantitative abilityN/A10
Logical ReasoningN/A20

VVDN Technologies-Test Description

There are 50 questions which are segregated into three sections:-

1. Quantitative ability
2. C Programming
3. Electronics

The difficulty level of each section is average with a total duration is 90 minutes.

There is no negative marking.

Quantitative Ability

10 Questions are given in terms of Quants. The areas focused are Time and Work, HCF and LCM, Compound interest, Percentage, Speed and Distance.

C programming

20 MCQ Questions are given while testing the programming ability of students. The questions are of average difficulty level. Only the basic fundamental concepts are analyzed.


20 Questions from Basic concepts from Electronics Engineering are assessed. It mainly focuses on:-
1. Embedded systems
2. Digital Electronics
3. Signals and systems
4. Microcontrollers and microprocessors

“Finding the right reference books and materials, self evaluating yourself regularly will help you achieve milestones.”

Tips by Our Experts


Since the Quantitative test contains only 10 questions, you need not strain much. You can prepare selectively on the concepts focussed on the previous year placement papers.

Put more effort into the formulae and theorems specified. Use flash cards to note and formula books to remember them.

C Programming

There are 20 MCQ’s and you can answer the majority of questions by clearly understanding the questions.

The questions might prove tricky. So the student is advised to read the question twice before answering them.


To enter a core company, practical knowledge is a must than theoretical knowledge.

Concentrate on understanding the concepts and compare them with real-life problems before you start learning a topic.

All the best and feel free to share your feedback.

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