In this section, the following topics are discussed with examples


     Blood Relations & Different Generations

     Types of Problems



Problems in this section consist of a question based on the blood relations. Using the information given in the statements you have to identify the exact relation. You should have a sound knowledge of the blood relation in order to solve the questions.

Blood Relations

Mother’s or Father’s FatherGrand father
Mother’s or Father’s MotherGrand mother
Mother’s or Father’s SonBrother
Mother’s or Father’s DaughterSister
Mother’s or Father’s BrotherUncle
Mother’s or Father’s SisterAunt

Husband or Wife’s sister


Brother’s wife

Sister in law

Husband or Wife’s brother


Sister’s husband

Brother in law
Son’s WifeDaughter in law
Daughter’s HusbandSon in law
Brother’s or Sister’s SonNephew
Brother’s or Sister’s DaughterNiece
Uncle or Aunt’s Son/DaughterCousin
Grandson’s or Granddaughter’s Daughter/SonGreat Grand Daughter/Son

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.

Richard Bach

Different Generations

Symbols used to represent Different Relations

Types of Problems

1.   Direct Statement Based Relations

2.   Combined Statement Based Relations

3.   Symbols based Blood Relations


1.Sunil introduces Jen as the son of the only brother of his Mother’s husband. How is Jen related to Sunil?

a)Brother     b) Father     c) Cousin     d) Sister

Answer: c) Cousin


  1. “Only brother of his Mother’s husband” is his father’s bother. So son of his father’s brother is Cousin.

2. Danny introduce Sharif saying.”He is the husband of the granddaughter of the father of my father,” How is sharif related to Danny?

a) Brother in law     b) Brother      c) Grandfather     d) Son

Answer: a) Brother in law


Sharif is Danny’s sister’s husband.

3. X is the father of W. But W is not his son. B is the daughter of W. I is the spouse of X. O is the brother of W. D is the son of O.G is the spouse of O. H is the father of G.


i) Who is the paternal grandfather of D?

a) X    b)H     c)O          d) None of these

Answer: a) X

ii) How H is related O?

a) Father      b)Grand Father    c)Father in law     d) Data inadequate

Answer: c)Father in law


4. Instructions: A-B means A is the brother of B. A*B means A is the sister of B. A+B means A is the mother of B. A/B means A is father of B

i) If M+N/O-P, then M is P’s __________?

a) Mother     b) Grandfather       c) Grandmother       d) Father

Answer:  c) Grandmother


M is mother of N. N is father of O.O is brother of P. Hence M is grandmother of P.

ii) Which of the following shows that M is aunt of Q?

a) M-N+O/P*Q      b) M*N/O*P-Q        c) M/N*O+P-Q         d) M+N-O*P/Q                      

Answer :b) M*N/O*P-Q


M is sister of N. N is father of O. O is sister of P. P is brother of Q. So M is Q’s father’s sister.

Thus in this post we learned about the concepts of blood relations and methods to solve different types of blood relations based problems with examples. 

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