In this chapter we are going to discuss the following topics with examples.


Colored Cubes




In a cube there are six faces and its length, breadth and height are equal. Look at the below image to understand better.

Colored Cubes

3×3 Cube

There are 27 small cubes in 3×3 cube. Among 27 cubes,

8 blocks with 3 sides painted

12 blocks with 2 sides painted

6 blocks with 1 side painted

1 blocks with 0 sides painted

(Refer below images for better understanding)

If you are curious, you'll find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.

Erno Rubik

Formula to determine number of colored cubes


Direction to solve Question no 1 to 4.

The following questions are based on the information given below:

  1. All the faces of cubes are painted with blue color.
  2. The cubes is cut into 64 equal small cubes.

1.  How many small cubes have only one face colored ?

a) 4      b) 8       c)16        d)24

2.  How many small cubes have no faces colored ?

a) 24      b)8          c)16        d)0

3.   How many small cubes are there whose three faces are colored?

a)4          b)8          c)16        d)24

4.  How many small cubes are there whose two adjacent faces are colored blue ?

a)0          b)8          c)16        d)24


1-d)           2-b)8          3-b)8            4-d)24

Explanation :

Refer 4×4 cube in the above table.

Thus in this post we learned about the concepts of cubes and method to determine number of painted cubes.

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