In each of the following questions, a statement followed by two assumptions is given. Considering the given statement, decide which of the assumptions is implicit. Choose:

A) If only assumption (1) is implicit.
B) If only assumption (2) is implicit.
C) If either (1) or (2) is implicit.
D) If neither (1) nor (2) is implicit.
E) If Both (1) & (2) are implicit.

1. The ‘B electronics company’ has announced a discount upto 60% on purchase of its new generation Washing Machine.


1) The sales of the Washing Machine may increase.
2) The company will capture the market of Electronics.


2. The ‘Beauty Cosmetics Company’ has launched new range of products based on natural herbs that help improving Skin Complexion.

1) Women generally opt for the products that improve their skin complexion.
2) The products will be mostly preferred by the teenage girls.


3. Arjun could not complete his paper in the Maths Test. 


1) He must be weak in Maths.
2) He must be stronger in other subjects.


4. The price of the BIG cement has reduced.


1) The cement may be of cheap quality.
2) The company will suffer losses by reducing the price.


5. The College has put up a notice that the usage of cellphone is banned in the premises.


1) No student will be allowed to use the cellphone in the College premises.
2) Students caught using cellphones in the premises will be rusticated.


6. The Workers’ Association will not end their strike until the Government raises their salaries.


1) Majority of workers may support the strike.
2) The Government may accede to the demand and raise their salaries.


7. The managing committee of Shree Ganesh Housing Society has requested all its members to dispose the garbage into dustbin instead of throwing it in the premises. 


1) Other societies may follow the same practice.
2) There will be no harm to the health of any member of the society.


8. The Mumbai University has decided to reduce the syllabus in some of the subjects.


1) Students may secure more marks than before.
2) This may reduce the burden and the level of stress in students.


9. The Bridge was constructed at a cost of Rs.100 crores. Yet people are not utilizing it much.


1) Construction of a Bridge is useless.
2) The time and money spent for the construction of a bridge is waste.


10. Prices of the shares of a reputed company have fallen down. 


1) People may buy more shares of the company.
2) People may wait for selling off their shares till their prices rise again.


11. Statement: The FLY Airlines has decided to increase the fare by 20%.


1) Passengers may opt for the Airlines comparatively having a lower cost.
2) The demand of the FLY Airlines may remain unchanged even after the hike of fare.  


12. Statement: The Government has decided to levy 1% surcharge on the tax amount payable for funding drought relief programmes.


1) The amount collected by the way of surcharge may be adequate to fund the drought relief programmes.
2) The Government is running short of money to fund the drought relief programmes.


13. Statement: The ‘MY MARKET’ shop provides all kind of goods under one roof.


1) Generally people find it convenient to shop under one roof.
2) People may get attracted towards this feature and buy all their goods from this shop.


14. Statement: Smoking inside the auditorium is a punishable offence.


1) Smoking causes cancer.
2) The cigarette smoke may be hazardous even for others sitting in the auditorium.


15. Statement: Rapists will be sentenced to life imprisonment – The Supreme Court.


1) This warning may reduce the number of rape cases.
2) Women can get protection.


16. Statement: The ‘Gorgeous’ salon offers ‘Buy one get one free’ service for those who take membership of their salon.


1) No other salon offers any extra service to its members for free.
2) Customers may prefer to take membership in ‘Gorgeous’ salon as it can save a lot of their money spent on other services.


17. Statement: The B E S T officials have started twelve new buses and increased the frequency of twenty of the running buses.


1) The new and additional buses would have more passengers so that they will be economically viable.
2) Currently the frequency of the buses is too low which causes inconvenience to many of the passengers.


18. Statement: The entry of the newly formed banks in India has led to higher efficiency of other banks competing with them.


1) Competition may lead to reduce many of the old banks to ashes.
2) Employees of the new banks may serve as models for the old banks.

19. Statement: Hard work is the Key to Success.


1) People desire to be successful.
2) Success leads to prosperity, wealth and happiness.


20. Statement: The ABCD institute provides a course to learn short-cuts in mathematics at no cost.


1) The short-cuts may help students save their time and extra efforts in solving the sums.
2) People generally prefer to join free courses. 


Interview Puzzle

Google Interview Puzzle

There are seven sisters in a house in a village where there is no electricity or any gadget.

Sister-1: Reading Novel
Sister-2: Cooking
Sister-3: Playing Chess
Sister-4: Playing Sudoku
Sister-5: Washing clothes
Sister-6: Garderning

what is Sister-7 doing ?


  1. ANSWER: Option (A) – Cause and Effect Assumption
  2. ANSWER: Option (A) – Inference valid
  3. ANSWER: Option (D)
  4. ANSWER: Option (D)
  5. ANSWER: Option (A) – In order to restrict the usage of cellphone in the college premises is direct assumption.
  6. ANSWER: Option (E) – Keyword supports the first assumption, and the effect is shown in the second assumption.
  7. ANSWER: Option (D) – Both assumptions do not support the given statement in terms of practice or health.
  8. ANSWER: Option (B) – Second assumption leads to conclusion.
  9. ANSWER: Option (D) – Both assumptions do not support the given statement in terms of money or people.
  10. ANSWER: Option (E) – Both assumptions are the effect of the given statement.
  11. ANSWER: Option (C)
  12. ANSWER: Option (E)
  13. ANSWER: Option (E)
  14. ANSWER: Option (B)
  15. ANSWER: Option (A)
  16. ANSWER: Option (B)
  17. ANSWER: Option (E)
  18. ANSWER: Option (C)
  19. ANSWER: Option (A)
  20. ANSWER: Option (E)


Interview Puzzle

Playing chess off course, because to play chess two players are required.