The following are Course of Action questions.

Direction (1-13):

In the question, a statement is followed by some courses of action. A course of action is a step or administrative decisions to be taken for improvement, follow-up, or further action in regard to the problem, policy, etc. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true and then decide which of the given suggested course(s) of action logically follows for pursuing.

Give answer

  1. Only I follows
  2. Only II follows
  3. Either I or II follows
  4. Neither I nor II follows
  5. Both I and II follow

1. Statement

 ‘The World Bank has approved a $ 300 million loan to finance a project to construct coal ports by Madras Port Trusts.

Courses of Action

  1. India should take financial help from other international financial institutions to develop such ports in other places.
  2. India should not seek any help from the international financial institutions.


2. Statement

SkyTV is concerned about the quality of its programmes particularly in view of stiff competition it is facing from STAR and other satellite TV channels and is contemplating various measures to attract talent for its programmes.

Courses of Action

  1. In an effort to attract talent, the SkyTV has decided to revise its fee structure for the artists.
  2. The fee structure should not be revised until other electronic media also revise it.

3. Statement

The Minister said that the teachers are still not familiarised with the need, importance and meaning of population education in the higher education system. They are not even clearly aware about their role and responsibilities in the population education programme.

Courses of Action

  1. Population education programme should be included in the college curriculum.
  2. Orientation programme should be conducted for teachers on population education


4. Statement

A recent study shows that children below five die in the cities of the developing countries mainly from diarrhoea and parasitic intestinal worms.

Courses of Action

  1. Governments of the developing countries should take adequate measures to improve the hygienic conditions in the cities.
  2. Children below five years in the cities of the developing countries need to be kept under periodic medical check-up.


5. Statement

Most of those who study in premier engineering colleges in China migrate to developed nations for better prospects in their professional pursuits.

Courses of Action

  1. All the students joining these colleges should be asked to sign a bond at the time of admission to the effect that they will remain in China at least for ten years after they complete education.
  2. All those students who desire to settle in the developed nations should be asked to pay entire cost of their education which the government subsidises.


6. Statement

There is an unprecedented increase in migration of villagers to urban areas as repeated crop failure has put them into precarious financial situation.

Courses of Action

  1. The villagers should be provided with alternate source of income in their villages which will make them stay put.
  2. The migrated villagers should be provided with jobs in the urban areas to help them survive.


7. Statement

As stated in the recent census report the female to male ratio is alarmingly low.

Courses of Action

  1. The government should conduct another census to verify the results.
  2. The government should immediately issue orders to all the departments to encourage people to improve the ratio.


8. Statement

Four districts in State A have been experiencing severe drought for the last three years resulting into exodus of people from these districts.

Courses of Action

  1. The government should immediately start food for work programme in the district to put a halt to the exodus.
  2. The government should make sincere efforts to provide drinking/potable water to these districts


9. Statement

If the retired Professors of the same Institutes are also invited to deliberate on restructuring of the organisation, their contribution may be beneficial to the Institute.

Courses of Action

  1. Management may seek opinion of the employees before calling retired professors.
  2. Management should involve experienced people for the systematic restructuring of the organisation.


10. Statement

Company X has been incurring losses since 3 years. As per the internal study, it has been found that 60% of the employees are above the age of 60.
Courses of Action

I. Company X should take some loan from bank or other financial institutions.
II. Due to low productivity of the employees, Company X should fire some of its employees who are above the age of 60 and should recruit young employees.


11. Statement

The authorities in Society X are cracking down on street hawkers, blaming them for traffic jams near their society.

Courses of Action

I. Street hawkers should not be allowed during peak hours
II. Street hawkers should be warned and asked not to create chaos.


12. Statement

Since its launching in 1881, Kitchens Ltd has so far accumulated losses amounting to Sterling 100 000.

Courses of Action

  1. Kitchens Ltd should be directed to reduce wasteful expenditure and to increase sale prices.
  2. An amount of about Sterling 200 000 should be provided to Kitchens Ltd to make the company economically viable.


13. Statement

A large number of people die every year due to drinking polluted water during the summer.

Courses of Action

  1. The government should make adequate arrangements to provide safe drinking water to all its citizens.
  2. The people should be educated about the dangers of drinking polluted water.


Directions (Q. 14 and Q. 15):

In each question given below a statement is followed by three courses of action numbered I, II and III. A course of action is a step or administrative decision to be taken for improvement, followup for further action in regard to the problem, policy etc. on the basis of the information given in the statement. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then decide which of the three given/suggested courses of action logically follows for pursuing and decide the answer.

14. Statement: The chairman of the car company announced in the meeting that all trial of its first product the new car model ‘M’ are over and company plans to launch its car in the market after six months.

Courses of action

  1. The network of dealers is to be finalised and all legal, financial and other matters in this connection will have to be finalised shortly.
  2. The company will have to make plan for product other than car.
  3. Material, managerial and other resources will have to be in fine tune to maintain production schedule.

1) I and III only

2) Only I

3) All the three

4) Only II

5) None of these 


15. Statement: The Company ‘X’ has rejected first lot of valves supplied by Company ‘A’ and has cancelled its entire huge order quoting use of inferior-quality material and poor craftsmanship.

Courses of action

  1. The Company ‘A’ needs to investigate functioning of its purchase, production and quality control departments.
  2. The Company ‘A’ should inspect all the valves rejected by Company ‘X’.
  3. The Company ‘A’ should inform Company ‘X’ that steps have been taken for improvement and renegotiate schedule of supply.

1) Only I and II

2) Only II

3) All I, II and III

4) II and either I or III

5) None of these


Interview Question on Situation Handling

How would you handle a customer who isn’t happy with your service even though you’ve done nothing wrong and they’re actually the ones who have made the mistake?


1. Answer: Option A


Clearly, such projects shall be an asset and a source of income to the country later on. So, course I shall follow.


2. Answer: Option A


Clearly, the decision to revise its fee structure for artists is taken by SkyTV as a remedy to the challenging problem that had arisen before it. It cannot wait till other media take action. So, only course I follows.


3. Answer: Option B


Clearly, the statement stresses on teachers’ lack of awareness and knowledge in population education and as such the best remedy would be to guide them in this field through orientation programmes. So, only course II follows.


4. Answer: Option E


Clearly, the two diseases mentioned are caused by unhygienic conditions. So, improving the hygienic conditions is a step towards their eradication. Also, periodic medical check-up will help timely detection of the disease and hence a proper treatment. So, both I and II follow.


5. Answer: Option B


Clearly, no student can be bound to live and work in the country against his wish. So, I does not follow. However, it is quite right to recover the extra benefits awarded to students if they do not serve their own country. So, II follows.


6. Answer: Option A


Clearly, increased migration would add to the burden on city’s infrastructure. So, attempts should be made to make the villagers feel comfortable in the villages itself. So, only course I follows.


7. Answer: Option B


A census is always conducted with the utmost precision, leaving chances of only negligible differences. So, I does not follow. Further, the ratio can be improved by creating awareness among the masses and abolishing female foeticide. Thus, only course II follows.


8. Answer: Option E


The exodus can be stopped by providing the people conditions conducive to living. So, both the courses follow.


9. Answer: Option


Clearly, the statement stresses that the contribution of retired Professors shall be beneficial. This means that these people’s experience regarding working of the organisation is helpful. So, only course II follows.


10. Answer: Option B


As the given solution may sound a bit immoral but for the betterment of the company it is necessary that the productivity of the employees is as high as possible. So such options even if they appear to be immoral and the actions are harsh in nature but if it’s the best option or solution then it should be adopted.


11. Answer: Option B


Here a situation of traffic jam is depicted and the actions mentioned, give different ways for improving the situation.


12. Answer: Option A


Clearly, for better economic gain, losses should be reduced and income increased. So, only course I follows.


13. Answer: Option E


The situation demands creating awareness among people about the dangers of drinking polluted water so that they themselves refrain from the same, and at the same time taking steps to provide safe drinking water. So, both the courses follow.


14. Answer 1)


Once the trials are over, the best availability of material, managerial and other resources is necessary to maintain production schedule. Hence III follows.

As mentioned in the statement, ‘model M is its first product’, so it is necessary to finalise the network of dealers and all matters regarding the sale of the product. Hence I follows. II has no connection with the statement.


15. Answer 3)


As in the statement it is mentioned ‘rejection due to inferior quality material and poor craftsmanship’, it is well known that purchase dept. is responsible for purchasing the inferior quality material. Again production dept. is responsible for improper inspection. Hence investigation is compulsory for all the departments. Hence I follows. II follows because claim of company ‘X’ may be wrong. Ill follows because relationships with a previous client should always be kept up.


Interview Question on Situation Handling 

The best answer

No matter what they’re unhappy about, it’s my job to make sure that they’re treated with respect, and the best way to demonstrate that respect is to listen attentively to their concerns. Ideally I’d like to make sure that I’m addressing the problem in such a way that I’m not missing any opportunities to turn what has started out as a negative experience for our customer into a positive experience.

My goal is to ensure customer satisfaction, but I am also aware that there are individuals who will never be satisfied. If it’s a situation where I have tried my absolute best and done everything in my power to solve the situation in a way that maintains both my integrity and the integrity of the company, and I’m still not having any success with the client, I would then involve my superior as a last resort.